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Jodi Riley

In 2012 I began working as a Career Coach through a state funded program for youth and met Aly in 2013 when she started working for the same organization. Throughout the next 8 years, we spent countless hours helping people get to work, start small businesses, and realize their dreams. State programs have eligibility criteria, and the hardest part was always having to say I couldn't help someone who needed my assistance because they didn't check all the boxes. Innovant was born out of a passion to give everyone access to career coaching, small business startup guidance, college planning, and funding sources. I love helping clients reach that next level, gain confidence, organize their goals, and make it happen! 

Aly Moore

In 2013 I began working as a Career Coach through the same state funded program as Jodi. Over the next several years I worked my way up from Career Coach to Program Manager. Jodi and I still working together during those past 8 years helping countless people develop their careers, further their education and build their businesses made us want to do more for more people. Working with a state funded program comes with some eligibility requirements for you to participate. That is where Innovant came to life. We are now able to help anyone with their career, further their education, and build their brand. I knew I always wanted to help people and this is the perfect way for me to do it! 

Empower yourself with Innovant. 

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